Aoibheann’s Philosophy 

Sooner or later, everything loses its intended purpose. 

Losing the value of it's intended purpose, Aoibheann decided that her doll required a more artistic makeover to brighten her day. 
This is why creative children should not be left to look after younger siblings. 
N.B. background checks were being made at the point of this post's release. 
RIGHT: ...ignorance is not bliss 

It's true, youth and beauty can be powerfully manipulative.  
If it's trying to win the affections of a partner, a favour, or that desirable job, youth and beauty come first to middle-aged ugliness. 
Often - and it's a sorry tale of our time - but it doesn't matter how beautiful you are on the inside, if that sociopath boss is looking for a cute smile and slender legs, you need to up the attractiveness. 
And those fortunate enough to possess those killer looks and a youthful appearance won't know what a weapon they have...until it's gone. 

Although largely perceived as a pessimist,  
if read thoroughly, Schopenhauer can provide the foundations to protect oneself from failure, illness and misery. 

Children Exploit The People Who Love Them Most. 

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Sharing life with people can be great. 
To be certain you can trust someone, you first have to trust them. 

Parents should look after their health, for their children's sake. 

Yeah, we all know it. The longer us parents live, the more our children will see us and benefit from our time and our influences. 
So, Aoibheann reckons that moderation is the key and any repetitive addictions and unecessary consumption should be reined-in before the DNA starts to mutate and morph into a tumour the size of a basketball.  
Try to limit stress and don't gamble less responsibly than Ray Winston. 

There's no point ever getting optimistic about the British weather. 

Summers don't happen here. 
Every year, Aoibheann's Dad looks forward to the British summer, and every year he's crushed by it's lack of appearance. He's melancholic in reminiscence of brighter days - mainly abroad - and he has longed for a return of a long, hot summer he once witnessed over thirty-years ago. 
If you want good weather, go and live in another country which is reknowned for sun and heat. 

The Myth Of Capitalism 

It is written: 'In order for capitalism to work, the working class must be kept poor'. 
For hundreds of years now, governments have ensured that they adhere to an oppresive system that was written in the 18th century to ensure that the economy grows and that the rich get even richer.  
Capitalism ensures that the masses work harder and harder to attain a mediocre, basic, level of existence. With the assistance of marketing campaigns and progressive consumerism, a myth is upheld that we can all become successful and wealthy if we conform to the capitalist system and keep grafting over long periods of time without rest, and for a measly stipend. 

Have Respect For One's Elders 

Above:- Old people and their baggage. Fifty years ago, parents could walk everywhere because the pavements weren't littered with mobility scooters and old people pushing shopping trolleys the size of Antwerp. 
Public Transport 'Buggy Park' Meets Unexpected Complication. 
When public transport design technicians made an allowance for wheelchairs and pushchairs on all buses, they failed to take into account one thing: the life expectancy levels of the 21st century. 
As little as 100 years ago, the life expectancy at birth in the UK was 45 years of age for men. Who would've thought that by 2020 the average age of the citizens of Malvern, Worcestershire, would be 72 years-of-age? 
Well, it's not just the economy and the NHS that suffers when people refuse to roll over and die at middle-age, it's also parents with pushchairs who feel the brunt of the intolerant, narrow-mindedness of old people. 

The Science Of Simplicity 

To avoid decision fatigue, Aoibheann has adopted a monotonous wardrobe. 
As illustrated, Aoibheann rises early in the morning wearing nothing but her pyjamas. In order not to fritter her life away with detail, she just simply adds her Wellington boots and the practicality of an aesthetically pleasing winged backpack. 
In this excessively materialistic and superficial society, Aoibheann has greater things to worry about and concentrates on the bigger picture. 
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Supermarket Super Ethics 

The Supermarkets all give an impression of being environmentally aware and ethical. Aoibheann continually questions their intentions, and it's not long before one realises that a supermarket cares nothing about anything except profit margins. Even the recent charge on shopping bags is said to have no financial benefit to the stores, and we are told that the 5p charge goes straight to the government who will use it for environmental purposes.  
Aoibheann has noticed that some stores, especially the clothing companies, are still using their logo on the bags. Therefore, it would be likely that the company will be able to off-set the 'marketing' and 'advertising' costs incurred against claimable expenses. For big companies such as Asda, Tesco, Hugo Boss, GAP and H&M this means there are are always going to be more tax loop holes, which the government encourages the rich to exploit when providing a return for corporation tax -. 
LEFT: -The butterfly emblem gives the impression that Asda are environmentally conscious and as pure and as smooth as Simon and Garfunkel's rendition of 'Silent Night'. But we all know that Asda/Walmart are the 21st century equivalent of The United Fruit Company, with a family that, through nepotism, has inherited a wealth greater than the 40 poorest countries on the planet. 
Will our extra 5p really go to charity, and will there be even more tax breaks for rich corporations? 
Aoibheann, in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon - "Travelling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops." 

Everything in life can be learned from watching Star Wars 

As every father born in the seventies will tell you, it is an essential part of every child's upbringing to receive the education of the initial George Lucas trilogy. With quotes like 'Do or do not; there is no try', 'Fear and anger always leads to the darkside', and 'Size matters not', who could argue with them. 
It's not just the awesome - often contradictory - quotes like when 'Obi Wan' denies ever owning a droid after spending an entire war with one, there are also the moral issues, the fight between good and evil with an ancient religion that uses cool light sabers instead of Bibles, and, just like in real politics, it highlights the corruption and the strain of a democracy. But, the real message is that one good deed can make a real difference to people's lives, and that good comes from a power within. The tools to make a difference to our 'universe' dwell within each of us.  
Marcel Proust once said 'Happiness is good for the body but grief strengthens the mind.' 
An illusion of happiness and a lack of traumatic life experiences left Mr Happy naïve and disillusioned by life; stupid in outlook and weak on ethics. 
Socially inept with an inferiority complex, Mr Strong used muscle to overcome his insecurities. Uneducated with few friends, his diet lacked a variety of branch-chained amino acids and focused primarily on eggs. Ignoring fibre, fish, veg, salad, soya and whey, he became a cholesterol monster with a bizarrely square structure. He neglected cardiovascular workouts and focused only on his upper body; leaving his legs spindly and weak. He had his first heart attack at 38; by 46 he was dead. 
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